Monday May 28, 2018


Ongoing changes to Watchtower doctrine prove that God does not direct doctrinal interpretation of the Watchtower Society; as proven by the. A Witness will retort that the Bible says the "light gets brighter" and so changes are an indication that it is directed by Jehovah. This is nothing more than a justification for error.

This section helps prove that the concept of getting brighter is not valid. In many cases, Watchtower doctrine has not brightened or been enhanced but changed and then reverted back to the original position; flip-flopped. At other times the Watchtower has introduced doctrine as having come from Jehovah, only to later make a complete reversal to what was said.

Finally, many Watchtower doctrine introduced by Russell (the Watchtower founder) were of pagan origins and taken from sources such as Adventism and Freemasonry. This shows that Russell was not in a line of a "Faithful Slave" class, clarifying existing truths, but originated doctrine by plagiarising sources now considered part of Satan's World.

Protestant tradition is one of 'Sola Scriptura'; that the Bible alone is the complete basis for Christian teaching. Though paying lip service to 'Sola Scriptura' the Watchtower doctrine of guidance by the Slave class has more in common with Catholic 'Magisterium', that truth is provided progressively through the Church (Organisation) and Pope (Governing Body).

The Governing Body excuse error by resorting to a justification of progressive revelation - the light gets brighter - but the topics in this section give insight into whether the light gets brighter or different.

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