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Many opinions I held as a Witness regarding doctrine, life and other people were wrong, due to an upbringing filled predominantly with information provided by the Watchtower. With the Watchtower leaders claiming to be dispensing information from God, a Witness child's critical thinking skills are bypassed, and they accept Watchtower statements as truth.

This section contains a variety of Watchtower related topics of interest that are not related to doctrine. Of critical importance is the discussion on mind control, which helps uncover techniques used by the Watchtower to make inaccurate ideas and statements appear to be correct, and lead to Witnesses being convinced that they alone know truth. It explains why it is so hard for a devoted Witness to understand why what they believe is wrong and why they find it difficult to leave.

Once you are aware of how the Watchtower works you will no doubt be interested in the information at Helping Someone Leave, so as to know topics and techniques to use to assist a person realise the Watchtower does not teach truth.

The historical changes of Watchtower doctrine and its current inadequacies are an excellent indication that the Governing Body are not directed by Holy Spirit. However, many followers do not manifest a scholarly nature and are ambivilous to the issues of doctrine, or simply dismiss it as foretold by "brighter light".

In such cases, Doctrine is not the way to open the Witness mind's eye. Particularly where the follower holds the Governing Body in high esteem, to learn of indiscretion can be a shocking awakening. This is especially so when it is in areas where the Watchtower is outspokenly critical of other religious organizations. The areas listed here are considered particularly important by active Jehovah's Witnesses and becoming aware of the duplicity shown by the leadership has been instrumental in many followers leaving since the late 1990's.

Ongoing changes to Watchtower doctrine prove that God does not direct doctrinal interpretation of the Watchtower Society; as proven by the. A Witness will retort that the Bible says the "light gets brighter" and so changes are an indication that it is directed by Jehovah. This is nothing more than a justification for error.

This section helps prove that the concept of getting brighter is not valid. In many cases, Watchtower doctrine has not brightened or been enhanced but changed and then reverted back to the original position; flip-flopped. At other times the Watchtower has introduced doctrine as having come from Jehovah, only to later make a complete reversal to what was said.

Finally, many Watchtower doctrine introduced by Russell (the Watchtower founder) were of pagan origins and taken from sources such as Adventism and Freemasonry. This shows that Russell was not in a line of a "Faithful Slave" class, clarifying existing truths, but originated doctrine by plagiarising sources now considered part of Satan's World.

Protestant tradition is one of 'Sola Scriptura'; that the Bible alone is the complete basis for Christian teaching. Though paying lip service to 'Sola Scriptura' the Watchtower doctrine of guidance by the Slave class has more in common with Catholic 'Magisterium', that truth is provided progressively through the Church (Organisation) and Pope (Governing Body).

The Governing Body excuse error by resorting to a justification of progressive revelation - the light gets brighter - but the topics in this section give insight into whether the light gets brighter or different.

Classic Watchtower Publications

Following are classic Watchower publications and articles available for download. Quite unusually, (though not surprising when compared to "current" truth) the Watchtower Society no longer prints or distributes these classic works that are part of its historic foundation. Bible Students, however, continue to print and make available the Studies in the Scriptures - Series I - VI and other works of Russell. Research enthusiasts have also scanned and made available other original publications in electronic format.

Read more: Classic Watchtower Publications

This section shows as simply as possible why key Watchtower doctrine are unfounded.

If you have read all the changed doctrines listed on this site, you will be aware of enough change to know that the Governing Body does not have Holy Spirit directing their interpretations. Jehovah has not presented through the Watchtower Society an accurate and unified body of Truth. The resultant implication of this is very important - current doctrines are equally likely to be incorrect.

There are two ways that a religion develops its doctrines - eisegesis and exegesis. Eisegesis is where scriptures are found to support a pre-existing belief, resulting in inaccurate doctrine and the possibility of any number of interpretations. A more respected approach is to arrive at doctrinal understanding through exegesis. Let a passage explain itself in its literary context, doing so in line with its relationship to other Biblical passages and parallel literature of the period. To understand Scripture, consider what it meant to the person making the statement and what it conveyed to the person spoken to, in line with what they already knew from other Scriptures, the point made at the time and the prevailing culture. 

A large portion of Watchtower doctrine comes from an Eisegesis approach that has resulted in inaccurate doctrine, such as the following:

  • Only 144,000 go to heaven
  • Only Jehovah's Witnesses will survive Armageddon
  • Use of the word Jehovah
  • Normal behaviour, such as birthdays or belief in the cross is ungodly
  • Shunning of former members
  • Refusing to use blood
  • That the Last Days started in 1914

Much of Watchtower teaching could never be arrived at by reading the Bible alone. 

For this reason, those that leave and read the Bible in preference to the Watchtower regularly revert to common Christian beliefs.

"From time to time, there have arisen from among the ranks of Jehovah's people those, who, like the original Satan, have adopted an independent, faultfinding attitude...They say that it is sufficient to read the Bible exclusively, either alone or in small groups at home. But, strangely, through such 'Bible reading,' they have reverted right back to the apostate doctrines that commentaries by Christendom's clergy were teaching ..." Watchtower 1981 Aug 15 p.29

Once you no longer believe the premise the Jehovah directs what comes forth from the Watchtower leaders, and read the Bible for what it actually says, you will find it remarkable that you ever thought the religion taught truth at all. 

This site is a condensed version of It proves as directly as possible why Jehovah's Witnesses do not have the "Truth".

Researching the history and doctrine of the Watchtower Society has a profound affect. Learning how significant doctrine have changed and why current doctrine is incorrect can only lead to a single conclusion; the organisation is not directed by God. This is further verified upon becoming aware of how the Watchtower influences through mis-quotes and the use of indoctrination techniques common amongst high control religious groups.

Does it make sense that this small group of several million people alone know truth and are worthy of salvation. Not at all, particularly knowing of the Watchtower's checkered past and current inadequate understanding of doctrine.

I spent 7 years in full-time service, both as a regular pioneer, and serving at the Australian Bethel Branch. I was a family friend of Geoffrey Jackson from the Governing Body, and my father spent 20 years as a Circuit Overseer. Coming to the realisation this is not the truth was difficult and traumatic, and my hope is this site helps others avoid the years of confusion I underwent prior to finally leaving.

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