Saturday July 21, 2018

Incorrect Doctrine

This site is a condensed version of It proves as directly as possible why Jehovah's Witnesses do not have the "Truth".

Researching the history and doctrine of the Watchtower Society has a profound affect. Learning how significant doctrine have changed and why current doctrine is incorrect can only lead to a single conclusion; the organisation is not directed by God. This is further verified upon becoming aware of how the Watchtower influences through mis-quotes and the use of indoctrination techniques common amongst high control religious groups.

Does it make sense that this small group of several million people alone know truth and are worthy of salvation. Not at all, particularly knowing of the Watchtower's checkered past and current inadequate understanding of doctrine.

I spent 7 years in full-time service, both as a regular pioneer, and serving at the Australian Bethel Branch. I was a family friend of Geoffrey Jackson from the Governing Body, and my father spent 20 years as a Circuit Overseer. Coming to the realisation this is not the truth was difficult and traumatic, and my hope is this site helps others avoid the years of confusion I underwent prior to finally leaving.

It is exceedingly difficult to know how to conduct an unbiased evaluation of whether your own religion is truth. I recommend as a first step reading Guide to Truth and Is It Truth?. For Witnesses uncomfortable reading information from former members such as myself, a good place to start researching is looking to the original Watchtower publications, as these show how dramatically the religion has changed. Studies in the Scriptures and Millions Now Living Will Never Die can be downloaded for free at Classic Watchtower Publications

Watchtower doctrine has changed significantly over the last century. The Watchtower uses the thought stopping concept of “Light Getting Brighter” to dismiss this as irrelvant. What most current Witnesses are not aware of is the number and significance of doctrinal changes and that the gravity of these falsehoods can not amount to increased light. These include many false prophecies and pagan teachings that were introduced by the Watchtower as from Jehovah, only later to be rejected.

Due to using an Eisegesis approach to interpretation, major doctrine that differentiate Jehovah'’s Witnesses are incorrect. These areas include the practice of disfellowshipping, stance against blood transfusions and the insertion of the word Jehovah into the New Testament of the New World Translation.

Important topics of interest include the Watchtower Society's affiliation with the United Nations during the 1990's, and the court cases levelled against them regarding elders and pedophilia in the late 2000's.

A Jehovah's Witness is firmly convinced that Watchtower doctrine is far more sound than that of any other religion. Even if there are errors, no other religion comes close in displays of love and Christianity. However, members of most religions feel the same about their own Church. The reason Jehovah's Witnesses are so convinced is no different than why Mormons are equally convinced that only they know truth, or why hundreds of people committed suicide in Jonestown at the command of their leader. This is entirely related to standard mind control techniques. This is not to say the Governing Body are part of some conspiracy or that they are even consciously aware of what these are. Rather these techniques have developed over time. It is insightful to compare research by Lifton on Communist mind control with Watchtower teachings.

It was my time at Bethel that convinced me that the Watchtower Society does not have Jehovah's direction, with the final straw in 1994. A Bethelite friend of mine was made an elder whilst he was committing adultery. It was later discovered that this had been going on for 7 years. This proves that God’s holy spirit is not involved in Watchtower congregational appointments. Though weakening my faith, I did not know enough about Watchtower history or alternative doctrinal viewpoints to realize that Jehovah does not guide Watchtower doctrine which in many areas is also wrong; fear caused me to wait another 10 years before doing the countless hours of research that has led to the creation of this site. If you spend just a few hours reading this site and reference, you will know why the teachings of Jehovah’'s Witnesses are incorrect. Unfortunately Jehovah’'s Witnesses are forbidden to read the opposing ideas presented here, so most are unlikely to view this information. It is my hope that more Witnesses see through this control technique, as lives lived for the consciences of others are lives half lived.

Jehovah’'s Witnesses are in general sincere, honest and hold to strict morals. Many were my dearest friends, as I was raised a Jehovah’'s Witness. Almost all my family are Witnesses and have spent many years in full-time service. This site is not a criticism of individual Witnesses, but rather a belief system that is untruthful and damaging.


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