Monday May 28, 2018

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UN: Through the 1990’s the Watchtower Society was associated with the United Nations as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), despite such political involvement being grounds for disfellowshipping. The official letter from the UN confirming this appears on the UN website at 

Blood: An extensive look at Jehovah’s Witnesses and blood transfusions. Set up and maintained by Jehovah’s Witnesses elders on the hospital Liaison Committees attempting to have blood transfusions allowed.

Pedophilia: Research into the Watchtower policies towards pedophilia and stories from victims.

Cognitive Dissonance is a wonderful article that shows why it is so difficult to mentally move on from being a Jehovah’s Witness, even when deep down you know it is wrong.

Cults A simple to understand overview of what defines a cult, and a very important read. looks at a number of modern day cults and their methods.“ Since 1993, we have been to destructive cults, fundamentalism, mind control, and mental coercion/torture what Amnesty International has been to physical torture.” Meadowhaven is a refuge to assist people recover after leaving a cult.

General Sites on Jehovah’s Witnesses Interesting articles on a range of subjects. A site with many articles discussing a wide range of issues. Well structured site, interesting information on the UN and cults. Current Witness related news

Misquotes in Watchtower Publications Contains full quotes of the scholars that have been quoted as lending support to the New World Translation of the Bible. Compares Watchtower statements about earthquakes with historical facts. and NWT.htm A look at where the Watchtower has misquoted Scholars when attempting to say they support the New World Translation.

Chatting A well moderated forum where current and ex Witnesses discuss a wide variety of subjects, including in-depth doctrinal and scientific discussion. This is one of the worlds largest chat rooms with over 25,000 members. A site of Jehovah’s Witnesses that seem to believe it is healthy to be able to anonymously discuss and disagree with current Watchtower doctrine, yet still believe they have the truth.

Books Raymond Franz official site. Franz'’s books, Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom, are essential reading for every Jehovah'’s Witness, as are The Gentile Times Revisited and The Signs of the Last Days When? By Carl Olof Jonsson. Few Jehovah’'s Witnesses that read these books cover-to-cover continue as followers of the Watchtower Society.

Legal Legal cases between Jehovah’s Witnesses and their employers.


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